What Your Ice Cream Preference Says About Your Personality – It’s National Ice Cream Day

Does your ice cream choice say anything about your personality?

A fun poll of 2,000 adults aimed to discover if there were any differences between Americans who preferred vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.

Basing the survey around the nation’s top three top flavors, it found that on average, if you like doing laundry, watching a sci-fi movie, and listening to the soothing sounds of jazz, then you are likely a strawberry ice cream fan.

However, when playing truth or dare, it’s the vanilla fans who won’t hesitate to say dare while chocolate ice cream lovers prefer choosing to tell a truth.

The study conducted by OnePoll, in conjunction with Breyers, also found vanilla ice cream lovers are on average more introverted, prefer dogs over cats, prefer washing dishes over doing laundry and are night owls.

Chocolate ice cream lovers, on the other hand, are more extroverted, enjoy a romantic comedy, and love listening to pop music.

Chocolate ice cream lovers also tend to have more variety in their interests. In addition to pop music, chocolate ice cream lovers also like rock and R&B music.

Strawberry ice cream respondents were more likely to find love earlier than their chocolate or vanilla-loving counterparts.

A full two years before chocolate lovers, strawberry people on average found love at 24 years old—one year before vanilla lovers.

When it comes to the ideal way to enjoy ice cream, Americans prefer their scoops in cups—topped with three different toppings.

Chocolate chips rank as the number one ice cream topping in the survey followed by hot fudge (49%), nuts (40%), whipped cream (37%) and caramel (35%).


On average, find love at age 24
Like doing laundry
Prefer sci-fi movies
Listen to jazz


On average, find love at 25
Are introverted
Prefer dogs
Prefer washing dishes over doing laundry
Are night owls


On average, find love at 26
Are extroverted
Enjoy romantic comedies
Like pop and rock music