What Your Ice Cream Preference Says About Your Personality – It’s National Ice Cream Day

Does your ice cream choice say anything about your personality? A fun poll of 2,000 adults aimed to discover if there were any differences between Americans who preferred vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. Basing the survey around the nation’s top three top flavors, it found that on average, if you like doing laundry, watching a sci-fi […]

Twitter delays launch of new API software following hack

Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) said on Thursday it is delaying the launch of its new Application Programming Interface (API) following the recent hack of several high-profile accounts. “We have no evidence the incident had anything to do with our API, but we decided to move the launch to a more appropriate time,” Twitter said in a […]

Netflix acquired 10 million new subscribers in Q2 2020

To nobody’s surprise, Netflix has been performing quite well amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Despite economies re-opening globally, many individuals are still working from home, which has given them a lot more free time to watch content on video streaming platforms.In Q1 2020 alone, Netflix managed to pull in an astounding 15.8 million new subscribers, […]

This 11-year-old ran 10km for charity after being inspired by his NHS worker parents

Barney Stannard was terrified that his NHS worker parents would become ill at the height of the pandemic, so they set him a fundraising challenge to give him something positive to focus on. The 11-year-old, from Oulton, went on to raise more than £750 for the UHNM Charity and the Donna Louise by running 10 […]

Great Ideas To Make Getting Great Dental Care Easier in Denmark

A lot of people believe that whitening toothpaste is the best choice for them. However, while whitening toothpaste is good to mix in when you need to adjust color, it is important to make sure that your toothpaste cleans deeply. Otherwise, bacteria can build up in your mouth over time. You should brush and clean […]